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Committed to Change, PC exists to empower individuals seeking self-improvement in the Western Maryland area.  We seek to provide comprehensive mental health treatment in a non-judgmental way through quality psychiatric services, psychotherapy and mentoring programs.  It is our desire to provide individualized services for each client we serve until the client has reached their personal level of therapeutic success.

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC)

We provide psychiatric interventions to individuals and families. The Outpatient Mental Health Clinic provides medically necessary and culturally sensitive clinical interventions to individuals in psychiatric or emotional crises in a timely manner.

We understand and appreciate that each person is unique and the issues they face are very individual to them.  We seek to meet our clients where they are and help them reach the personal growth they seek.


Psychiatric Rehabilitative Program (PRP)

We currently offer psychiatric rehabilitation interventions to adults and children. The goal of the program is to work with the individual on a very personal level.  Our PRP Counselors also work with the individual’s primary therapist, the school system, and the individual’s caregiver to assist in their progress towards situational improvement.